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Tiny House or RV which is better?

The video's below touches on many of the key things to consider. But for the purposes of living in Green Bank year round it is far better to have a tiny house than an RV with one exception possible. That is the RV that is built by the manufacturer to be lived in full time year round in winter states in the US. This will make the unit more livable and require less to do to it to live full time year round for Green Bank. FYI Green Bank Temperature in the summer is rarely over 85 degrees and during the winter night time are most often now days in the 20s with the occasional teens at night. Days in the winter are 30's to 50's.

RVs and Tiny Houses can be found in your area via Craigslist. Also you can go to Tiny House .com online as well as Tiny House Listings .com and find used and new. There are other resources online as well. So do the research and chose what you need. In all cases be sure not to buy a brand new living unit. It should be at least two years old and no more than five years old. Be sure to check it out in great detail.

Two big considerations between the two is that of Insulation. The Tiny Home will in a cases outdo the RV no matter how So Called Winterized it becomes.  The other is that the heating can be more varied. The cost to heat an RV over a year versing a Tiny Home will be more for sure.

The cost factor for both in the end is about the same when your through purchasing and making it your home. Depending on your price point you can have what you want to live in and be happy for you. The Tiny Home is great when you are not going to be using it for travel. This for those who are coming to Green Bank WV to live is really about avoiding things that are injurious to your health and welfare. So you won't be moving it around.

So enjoy the video and make the choice that works for you.