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Things you need to know to be able to live here in Green Bank WV in the winter and cold weather times. We have been having unprecedented cold temperatures here in 2018. With global warming everything regarding weather is changing and we don't know what the next years will provide us. Things should begin to warm up at some point and we will probably want the cold weather back in the future. We have lived here 7 years now and never has it been this cold. 

What every type of living dwelling your have or choose to have needs to be fully pre-winter weatherized. This is a must. Don't think you can come and do it here if you are arriving during the winter. This can't be done successfully. Not enough can be said about this subject.

There are many things that can freeze or breakdown in the winter severe cold. We choose to make our living spaces available to people year round but they must be set up to live in year round.  Frozen water is the biggest problem. Inside your living unit and outside have weak spots regarding this problem. You can deal with them by insulation and using heat tape.

If you are buying a used RV be sure that it is manufactured from the factory with complete winter weatherization done. This is very helpful but is only part of your needs. The water hose you use to bring water to your unit needs to be heated. You will find the one that works the best for this listed below.

Even with the best of care in this area you can still freeze up and will find that you may not have water until the day warms up past 32 degrees. Then the preparation's you have made will resume working. This is just the way it goes at time. Our system is very well insulated and for the most part up to your attachment to it will not freeze.

Temporary freeze occasionally if it gets below 32 degrees is no big deal as it will thaw and you will have water again. But this is just the way it can go. In the end the inconvenience is worth it for what you get in return.

  • At your plugin space you will find that there is only service for a 30 amp breaker. You will want a 30 amp RV connector electric line for your plug in to the electrical box for the power. Or an adapter if you have a 50 amp set up that reduces it to a 30 amp. But also beware that that means there are things that will not work because the power won’t be enough. Find out what that may be and determine how you might fix it to work with 30 amps or another option.

There can not be any inverters for reducing or increasing power to or from your unit of residence used while you are here in Green Bank at your rental space. So make sure that you will not need that for power to your propane furnace or water heater system etc. This is very important and will be checked on to be sure that this is not the case. When you arrive and periodically with a meter from the outside of your unit.  This is very important. If you have such a device you will have to disconnect it or leave.

  •  Regarding the Grey Water Disposal and
  • dumping hose get one that will go up to 25 feet.
  • I found this on line and it seems to be the very best one that will work very well in all four seasons.
  • What is known as BLACK WATER is sewage. This cannot be done at our site. You will need this Toilet or any alternative toilet you choose to use. The best one I have found is the " Laveo Dry Flush Toilet. "Here is where you can purchase the one we suggest. You can purchase here and see it here, via the video demo, "Laveo" dry flush toilet
  • You POTABLE WATER HOSE, will need to be one that has heat tape in it. The one you need and only this one is called "Pirit"   You will need a hose that is 25 foot. 
  • With some luck and effort you can buy or find a RV etc that is already pre-prepared for winter living. This will make it so you don’t have to have it done yourself.
  • Make sure you have leveler stabilizer jacks to keep you unit from moving when you walk inside. ( Most travel trailers come with these but if not )
  • You will need snap on type skirting for around the bottom of the trailer or tiny home. They make some that are easy to install. Called EZ-Snap Trailer Skirting. This can be done at the RV dealer for you or you can do it yourself.
  • You will most likely need a propane tank extender hose connector so you can add two 40 gallon extra tanks. Or you can buy a 100 gallon if you choose. They have them on Amazon. By the tanks and bring them with you with the necessary accessories to hook them up to your existing tanks. Southern States Propane also provide you with a tank and  will come and fill your tanks for you. This can be discussed, but come prepared with some tanks filled full in total so you will be ready to deal with your needs right away for heat and cooking. Remember no Electric Hot Water Heaters or Furnaces as well as no Air Conditioning system.
  • If you have roof vents get some vent covers so you won’t have to worry about large amount of humidity inside the RV. This can become a problem in the winter.
  • You may want to also install some floor insulation as this is where much of the cold enters. This can be done by putting down some special type of foil product that you can then put another rug on top of or even tiles. This can be discussed. The best is to have the underside of the RV etc foam sprayed. This is typically done with good RVs that are winterized right. The floors and windows are where you get most of your severe cold infusions from.
  • Make sure you have a propane and carbon monoxide alert system of some type.
  • You will find that you will be using only normal power and not battery power.
  • Don’t forget that the window should be double pane and you will need to have some heavy curtains for them. Some people put other types of things on the windows as well.
  • Remember. The time to fix problems for winter living is before they happen. If you do this you can have a great winter in your home. Talk to your RV person and find out what they suggest for your specific home.
  • Find out if your propane system can provide you with use even if the power goes out. The power here can go out for a time without notice. Sometimes it can go out for 5 to 8 hours. So have a way to keep yourself warm with a catalytic heater and some small propane tanks for it, or a hook up inside your unit that is pre piped so to speak for it. Do some research into the best ones to get via your local RV dealer.

Your grey water tank is a holding tank under your unit. This is a freeze point. Deal with this in such a way so this does not freeze up and not let you dump it when needed. The water lines inside your unit and just under that attach to the incoming water hose can also freeze. So deal with it and make sure this is done, so you don't freeze up there. It can only take a small section of any aspect of your water intake and disposal system that freezes and you will have a block that will cause you problems. Be sure this is really done right.

I just want you to be ok when you get here and live here. Pre planning and care can make it all work fine.

For those of you who have air conditioner systems you will not be able to use them as they are usually set up to require more amps than can be brought to your unit through our power source. But it rarely gets that hot here in the summer anyway.

Living in alternative housing is an art. If you are new to it you will find that you will adapt. But using YouTube to do some research on what others have done can be of real help. If you can't do this your self then find someone to do it for you. I will provide some herein and this will get you most of what you need to know.



Summer living is easy for anyone , but during the cold season even though ours is quite mild compared to many parts of the cold country it is different. So to be prepared is just a very smart thing to do.

Click purple link here for many more option videos besides what I have below for you. YouTube who list of living in your tiny home or rv year round