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First and foremost. This is a safe, and loving town. It is full of wonderful people. They have a way of life that is really very country rural and peaceful. Many families here go back many generations to the 1700's. This is a very historic area. The people here are for the most part, kind and caring and very helpful.  You can make some life time friends here once they get to know you well.


There is one key thing to know about living here in this town an  and surrounding areas. About ten years ago when this town was first discovered by those in need of EMF protection, a few early people who moved here really hurt the EMF persons reputation and positioning .

These early EMFer's came into a very helpful and receiving and tolerant township of basically very good people, and then proceeded to turned many of the locals here against the EMF community in general. They did this by being very difficult and militant in their demands about the fact that they are hurt by EMFs. They took it to the extreme in way's you could not imagine. By forcing the demands to the locals in their store, churches and community center as well as the local library etc and being ridiculous to the extreme over and over again, they made the good people of this area think that all EMF people are like them, and are crazy and bazar. The everyday normal people who have lived here in peace for generations and don't have EMF or MCS problems ( which makes it even harder for them to understand which they really tried to do in the beginning ) now believe what the media says about the EMF people that they really are all crazy. Those early and some even much later on, really hurt the local people here and ultimately those who are trying to come in and live their life in peace and harmony, in so many ways. Some still to this day come here with the idea that the people owe them something. They don't owe the EMFer's anything. It is the other way around.

Other's have come after them, as recent as 2018 and did some other really disturbing and despicable things that you would not believe.

We love being here in this incredible area and this is now our home and our life. We live a normal life in every sense and we want to keep it that way.

So when you come here if you don't want to have people hating you and turning away from you and thinking that your are crazy, don't tell anyone you came here for any reason other than just loving the area and the people,  as well as the great economy and no crime, (at least here in Green Bank) and wanting to live in a pristine area ETC.

Many have moved here and have a normal life now. We know that at least a few hundred families have moved here due to EMFs and MCS.  They don't tell others and they leave everyone alone. They want to be left alone to live their lives. We know this because we are friends with some realtors in the area and they tell us just how many have moved here.

So if you can come here and not be part of the problem great.