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2020 Tiny Home Rental

Rental availability:  Sorry but our tiny home has been rented.

We have no other rentals available at this time, please don't contact us.

Here is a great resource for Tiny Homes for sale. Many to choose from and many different price points. Must see. Click here.

Read more below.

This is not a commercial operation, just small and private.

Read more and see the video's below on the specifics of these offers.

While it may be true that you are escaping the negative aspects of living in a toxic environment or one filled with EMF's, you also need to find a place that is more than just a destination to hide away. You need to return to a close to normal existence, and leave the trauma and drama behind you and take time to recover, as well as begin to live a happy peaceful life again.

Here you can live a near normal life in comparison to what you have been dealing with. For those who just want to get away from the expensive way of living life and never being able to save a penny, this is also the place.

You cannot or will not find a better place in regards to being able to live a normal kind of life anywhere else on the planet.  

Our contact information is listed at the bottom of this site. Be sure to read through the rest of the site for great information as well.


Because of water consumption for our one well we can only have one person per rental option.  (A renter could have someone come and be at their rental for two days and that would be OK. )But no longer, again due to potential water problems especially during the Spring and Summer.

Please note that this video was shot a week before all of the completion work was done for both the tiny home and the RV space. Now it has a clear roof over the deck. All work inside has been completed. The RV rental pad is just off to the side of the tiny home about 25 feet. At least you can see what all of the land around us looks like.


We own 5.5 acre's. One of those acre's of our land is dedicated to the  our rental sites which have been recently finished an ready this year of 2019.

Option number one is for those who don't have and RV or Tiny Home on wheels yet, you could rent a travel trailer or a motor home and come for a couple of weeks or longer, and see if living here is right for you. $50.00 per night. Includes water and electric. If you do have your own the same applies.

Number Two Options is: You may own your own RV or Tiny home and only want to be here during the easy temperature months of April to November. This will make it so you don't have to winterize you home. Long term monthly stay rates are $650. per month includes water and electricity, if you are not using electric heat. This includes electricity up to $50. maximum per month use. 

Number Three Options is: Come with your RV or Tiny Home with everything prepared to live here year round. $650. per month electricity(up to $50.) & water are included only. If you wish to use electric to heat rather than propane a billing can be set up.

Number Four Option is:  Our one tiny home offer that is on a foundation . This is available for both short term and long term rental. Short term is $50. per night included in that is electric and water. Long term is $600. per month water included, electricity is billed separate. See more information below.

Check out the video below. There is a place here in the video that you can see the telescope filmed from our front yard.

You should know that even though the quiet zone is in force for over 13,000 square miles, the two miles around the actual telescope is the ONLY REAL AND TRULY SAFE AREA. (For those who want to check this simple contact the Green Bank Observatory and ask for Mike Holstein. Some local realtors in the area will tell you different) Our land provides the ultimate best protection you can get here. We live within the 2 mile radius. This you will come to find, is the best and the almost impossible and hardest to obtain. 


For home heating and your water heater, you will have to have a propane system for both. Propane is very inexpensive here as is electric. If you have electric for either of these, you should change them out for propane this saves money but it is up to you.

We can talk more on this when you make your decision to move here. The power available is plenty at your space for many things. It is a 30 amp service. 

We have an old fashioned electric meter at the rental space for billing purposes if you choose to use electric heating. You will be billed the exact amount we pay for ours. The power rate here is very low compared to the rest of the county. 

Phone service and internet is also available via "Frontier Communications". For those who will be here long term. This is all done underground. This you would have to set up yourself. The box is in for this at your site. There are resources here to get in touch with all companies needed. I will provide the info for them when you decide to be here full time or are here just for the spring and summer.

We do not allow any kind of wireless or emf producing electrical products here, this also includes solar inverter's or inverter's of any kind. No Dc to Ac inverter's or Ac to Dc inverter's of any kind within the confines of our land. Some RV and Tiny homes have these in them. Don't come with one of these installed in your unit. Even in turned off mode they can be a problem.

Because it is a very rural area and surrounded by mountains, it has the cleanest freshest air you can find.

Green Bank has no crime. We have been here seven years going on 8 now, and have never heard of any or read about any.

If you are dealing with any serious health issues that require doctor's care, or on life threatening serious health care medications then our rental offer is not for you.

There is some private WiFi in some homes and local businesses now in Green Bank . Our land is one of the safest regarding this WiFi problem. Our 5.5 acreage gives us the protection from these private homes.

If you are interested, call us at 304-456-4525 or Email us at But be sure to have clicked on all the links and read all that is here before you call.